“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

 Benjamin Franklin


Workshops are a great opportunity to learn by practicing in an open and inviting atmosphere. 

Baking Smiles offers a range of workshops for baking breads, home style cakes and other baked goods. The workshops will be personalized to your wants and needs.


Personal Workshops


This is a personal 2 hour, hands-on lesson in the comfort of your own home.


If you see yourself as a beginner, I will guide you through the basics of making dough, working with yeast and making pastries.


For the more experienced, I will share tricks and tips to sharpen your baking skills and we will explore new styles and techniques. 

Small Groups (up to 8 people)


Invite a few friends over for an evening of fun and baking. 


This workshop is a 3 hour, hands-on workshop (+time to set up and clean up) on your chosen topic - sweet pastries, savory pastries, quiches, tarts and more. Each participant will take home baked goods so you will have something to show for it!


Large Groups (up to 30 people)


This is a great opportunity to strengthen relationships within a religious group, workplace or club.

It can be a single workshop or a series of up to 6 events, with your chosen topic (e.g. challah breads, artisan breads, cookies or cakes).


Each workshop will be 2 hour long (+time to set up and clean up). Each participant will receive the recipe made and will be able to take home their creation to be baked at home.